How to Find to Us

Whether you come into Saratoga from the north off I-80 or from the south in Riverside or the Snowy Range Hwy, you’ll come into town on 1st Street


If you come in from the south, the very last street on the left (as you head north through town before you cross the bridge) is Rochester (if you come into town from the north off I-80, Rochester will be the first street on the right after you cross the bridge); head west on Rochester (you can only head west as there is no other turn street on the other side of the road). There is a gray Cornerstone Realty agency on the corner of Rochester and 1st as a landmark and Hack’s Tackle & Outfitters will be across the street. 


From that point on the streets are numbered.  Go to 11th Street and turn right.  Head straight for about a block and a half, you’ll pass an alley on the left but do not turn down the alley, just go past it a little further and you’ll see 2 old wagons on either side of our driveway.  There is a Roan Hill Ranch sign on the right wagon.  Just come right up our driveway and park anywhere